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Quick Record - Be on Demand

Quick Record is your fully automatted recording soultion.

Quick Record is the recording soultion for Radio Stations, Radio DJ's and Enthusiasts accross the world. We offer automatic recording, uploading and social notifcations. You simply need to schedule when your shows are and forgot about your recordings. You will see your recordings available seconds after your radio show has completed, This includes uploading uploading to your chosen platform (MixCloud/Soundcloud/ETC).

All Quick Record accounts come with:

1) Fully automated recording schedules
2) Uploading (MixCloud/SoundCloud/FTP/DropBox/Email)
3) Social media notifcations
4) Downloads - We keep your recordings safe for 2 weeks for DJ accounts, and 6 weeks for station accounts as per the legal requirement of ofcom (Ofcom Breaches Content Standards)

If you would like to read more about how Quick Record can be the one stop for all your recording needs please view our homepage or sign up for a free trial and see what we can do.